Pro Electric Blackhead Vacuum

Pro Electric Blackhead Vacuum

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There is one cosmetic problem, which almost every one of us faces with, whether it is the owner of oily, dry or normal skin. These are blackheads on the face – they are also named ‘comedones’. They may look like just tiny dots on the nose but how many nerves and forces go to fight them! In recent years, devices for vacuum cleaning of the skin have appeared. This thing can permanently rid us of such a widespread problem.

The device for pore vacuum purification allows performing salon procedures at home. This small device is able to remove sebaceous plugs in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and other places due to vacuum pressure. Figuratively speaking, it simply “sucks” out excess fat from the pores like a vacuum cleaner, creating a blackhead vacuum. Compared with manual cleaning, this method is much less traumatic. And, most importantly, it does not leave traces and red spots – the next day you can go on a date, no consequences of cleaning on your face will be noticeable.

Principle of action
How to use the blackhead vacuum extractor? To begin, cleanse your face with a facial cleanser or lotion. You can pre-make a steam bath for the face – it will help expand the pores and make the process of removing sebaceous plugs more effective. Turn on the pore vacuum cleaner and begin to move the cleaner over the skin surface, in those areas where it is needed. The duration of the procedure is 5-7 minutes. After the end of cleaning, wash it with cool water (it will help narrow the pores) and rub your face with a tonic. The nozzle for pore suction must also be rinsed after use.
It is recommended to use the blackhead suction tool 1-2 times a week. If you have sensitive skin and you never did vacuum cleaning in the salon before, first try the device on a small area of the skin. Rarely, but it happens that the skin reacts with irritation and reddening, even at the use of rather sparing methods. These include pore cleaner suction at home.

One can distinguish:
devices for dry cleaning
devices for wet cleaning
compact devices (mini).
Among the rich assortment, you can certainly choose vacuum pore cleaner ideal for you. Stay healthy and beautiful always and everywhere!

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